Student ID card

The Student ID card is available to all students of Heidelberg University. It is a multifunctional card serving not only as a Student ID but also as a Library ID and canteen card (Mensakarte). It also enables you to use the student copiers, scanners, and printers on campus.

The photo of the card owner is printed next to the Uni-ID, a unique combination of letters and numbers (e.g., xy123). Each individual Uni-ID is assigned to a single person. The Uni-ID is the user number for the University Library and card number for the Studierendenwerk Heidelberg (office for social care and development for students).

Immediately after receiving the card, you can use it at the canteen (Mensa). For other functions, e.g. using the campus printers, your Uni-ID has to be activated online. You can activate the Uni-ID by entering an activation code, which you either received during enrolment or by mail. During the activation process, you will be asked to set a unique and secret password. Please use this web form to start the activation.

If you want to pay with your card, you have to top it up. You can do this with cash or using a debit or credit card or the CampusCard online portal. At the Studierendenwerk top-up stations, you can view all recent transactions as well as the current balance of the card. At the end of each semester, the validity of the Student ID has to be renewed at certain validation stations located in the institutions of the Studierendenwerk. These machines print the new date of expiration on the card’s thermostrip and guarantee that the various card functions can also be used during the next semester.


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