SharePoint is a powerful platform which can simplify, standardize, and accelerate internal collaboration and communication processes.

Some of the platform's core functions are:

  • Creation of SharePoint pages by means of predefined building blocks
  • Virtual rooms for teams and projects
  • Document management
  • Collaborative editing of documents (online and offline)
  • Workflows
  • Independent rights management
  • Blogs
  • Discussion boards
  • Task management

Using SharePoint

You can use SharePoint on almost all devices. It can be accessed using a current web browser and a Uni-ID. Microsoft recommends the following browsers if you want to edit documents collaboratively at the same time: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

Please ask your IT representative if your institution already uses SharePoint. If not, the IT representative can apply for SharePoint access via this form. If your institution already uses SharePoint, the IT representative can change the user permissions to grant access for your Uni-ID. You can find further tips on how to use SharePoint at

The registered owners are responsible for the content of their webpages.


Guidelines and tips

  • Anonymous access is not permitted.

  • Maximum size of SharePoint collection: 200GB

  • Maximum file size: 2GB

  • SharePoint is not meant for storing large files or backups.

  • All data traffic is encrypted. Nevertheless, if you want to share confidential and personal data, we recommend using the service heiBOX with password encryption. Alternatively, you can encrypt files and folders on your computer (for example with 7-Zip) and upload the encrypted archives to SharePoint. In this case, the password should be transmitted separately and not be stored with the files.

  • Personal storage for OneNote is limited to 100MB.

  • SharePoint is not meant to be used as a personal data storage. Please use heiBOX instead.

Our services

  • Operation, maintenance, and backup of the SharePoint environment
  • User support
  • SharePoint design support
  • Train-the-trainer workshops
  • Activating/deactivating features via batch jobs


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