Wi-Fi identifier UNI-HEIDELBERG has been made invisible.

Wi-Fi identifier (SSID) UNI-HEIDELBERG has been invisible since 25.11.2021. This identifier is no longer needed by most users. Devices that currently still use the SSID UNI-HEIDELBERG, should continue to have Wi-Fi access even after this switch. In the medium term, the SSID will be switched off (following advance notice). Therefore, we encourage you to switch to one of the other university SSIDs. We are happy to assist you with any questions or problems – simply contact the IT service with your inquiry.
More information

WiFi only for specific uses

The Wi-Fi UNI-HEIDELBERG is intended primarily for isolated, specific cases within the University. Access to the internet is only possible with a VPN connection.

For everyday usage, members and associates of the University, such as guests whose home institution supports eduroam, should access the eduroam network. For conference participants and guests without eduroam access, the network UNI-WEBACCESS is available.

Target Group

  • University member and associates


University member and associates

  • Wi-Fi use for specific applications

Access and Requirements

After connecting to the network via the Wi-Fi settings of your operating system, you will only have access to a limited number of web servers within the University. To be able to access the internet, you must also establish a VPN connection.