SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system serves as a financial administration system for commercial accounting and cost calculation.

SAP ERP consists of various modules covering different administrative aspects like procurement planning, commercial accounting and cost calculation, or budgetary monitoring. The connection of different processes in different modules is typical for an ERP System: for example, if you create a purchase order in the module materials management, the programme directly performs actions in other modules, like the reduction of the available budget in the module cost calculation or in the budget management modules.

The URZ operates a tripartite system landscape for the university administration, consisting of a development, test, and productive system. Since 2015, the URZ has also operated another system landscape for the Medical Faculty Mannheim at Heidelberg University. These systems are used at the university administration as well as decentralized institutions and institutes. The URZ supports its users during their use of these systems and makes configuration changes and customizations as well as internal developments according to the demands of the respective department. Currently, around 600 users have access to the SAP ERP systems operated by the URZ.

How to request an SAP user account

You can get access to the SAP system by having a SAP user account request form signed by an eligible superior and sending it directly to the responsible technical staff at the URZ (the address can be found on the form).

There are three different types of SAP user account request forms available:

  • a user account request form for institutes
  • a user account request form for the administration (except for Division 8)
  • a user account request form for the administration in Division 8

Please use this user account request form (German).


Please contact your superior or the IT service to receive the form.



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