Courses and Events


As part of the IT-Forum, the URZ offers a range of events for interested parties of various target groups. The four pillars of the IT-Forum represent the different formats and addressees: lectures, seminars and workshops; courses and training sessions; user meetings as well as further training and discussion rounds with the institute representatives.

Girls' Day

Girls' Day, as a "Future Day for Girls", offers female school students the opportunity to get to know professions in IT, trade, natural sciences and technology. For several years now the URZ has been involved in this event, introducing participants to the tasks of a computing centre and imparting basic knowledge on various IT topics in the form of practical beginner courses.

Career orientation internship at the URZ

The URZ offers up to six internship positions per year to school students who wish to use their career-oriented internship in secondary school (German acronym for Gymnasium: BOGY, and Realschule: BORS) to get to know IT areas.

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Student Cluster Competition 2018

From the 25. to the 27. of June 2018, a student team of Heidelberg University took part in the Student Cluster Competition of the ISC High Performance event in Frankfurt am Main. The task was to build a high performance computer cluster that would beat the eleven other participating teams in different standard benchmarks.

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