Student Cluster Competition 2018 - Team Heidelberg

Bild: Student Cluster Competition - Team Heidelberg

About the team

We will represent Heidelberg University in the Student Cluster Competition, taking place at the ISC High Performance computer forum from June 25-27, 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany. Supported by our team coaches from the Heidelberg University Computing Centre, we will try to build the fastest, most efficient (and perhaps even best-looking?) high-performance computing cluster we can, a cluster that we hope will outperform all of the other 11 clusters in the competition. It will be a fantastic experience to tackle this challenge as a team!

Our team consists of people from different study programs: applied computer science, mathematics, physics and scientific computing. We are a diverse group united in our eagerness and our will to excel at this competition. Our study programs at Heidelberg University actively encourage us to make use of and foster our IT skills in our respective fields. We hope that this diversity of characters, mindsets, and skills will give us an edge in the race for the highest-performing cluster.

No matter the outcome of the compeition, we hope to learn more about the intricacies and pitfalls of building our own HPC cluster, and we also look forward to meeting our fellow competitors - other students from all around the world - as well as members of the HPC community and industry.

Team Members

Aksel Alpey
Yajie Liang
Zihan Liu
Erik Schnetter
Bálint Soproni
Susanne de Vasconcelos Barros Malheiros

Team Coaches

Dr. Martin Baumann
Oliver Mattes
Sotirios Nikas
Santiago Ospina De Los Rios
Dr. Sabine Richling
Dennis Schridde
Eva Seipel
Sven Siebler

Foto: SCC team members

The final team members (from left to right):
Zihan Liu, Yajie Liang, Erik Schnetter, Bálint Soproni, Susanne de Vasconcelos Barros Malheiros, Aksel Alpay

About the Student Cluster Competition

The ISC-HPCAC Student Cluster Competition is an annual event that brings together 12 student teams from universities all over the world in a friendly race to build the highest-performing HPC system on site. From June 25-27, 2018, each team can prove their HPC skills by building an HPC system that can handle various standard HPC applications and benchmarks with ease and that outperforms the other teams' HPC clusters. The competition takes place at the ISC High Performance in Frankfurt, the largest high-performance computing forum in Europe.

For more information on the event, visit the official site of the competition.

Bild: ISC High Performance